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Atropine Treatment for Myopia (short-sightedness)

Atropine was originally derived from a natural plant.  It has been safely used for decades by eye doctors to examine young children.  In its full concentration it causes blurred vision and large pupils for many days.  It also slows how fast the eye grows, but in the past was used infrequently for that purpose because of its side effects.  Recent research has shown that 1/100th of the original percentage is all that is required for myopia control.  This low dose formulation reduces progression just as much as the original dosage, is better lasting and has almost no side effects.

Scientific studies have shown Atropine successfully slows the progression of myopia in mammal and human eyes.  In many East Asian countries reports show up to 50% of children with myopia progression are using Atropine.

Indications for Atropine:

Myopia Control – slowing the progression of short-sightedness in children three years and older.


Regular use of atropine has not been studied in children younger than three years old. Certain medications may interact with atropine. Please advise the optometrist of all your child’s medications and medical conditions.

Regular use of atropine influences eye growth slowing the progression of short-sightedness.

One drop in each eye at night is taken for as long as the short-sightedness continues to change. In some children this might be a few years, in others it could be for much longer.

  1. Preliminary examination and discussion. At your child’s routine examination the optometrist may suggest they would be a suitable candidate for Atropine therapy. This involves accurately measuring your child’s prescription and a thorough ocular health examination.
  2. Once you decide to go ahead with the Atropine package, there will be additional testing with your optometrist.  We will also send you to an eye specialist for a special measurement of the eye length which helps us better measure the effectiveness of the eye drop.
  3. Commence treatment. Once all of the initial measurements are taken you can start treatment. We will send a copy of the prescription to a pharmacy who will contact you directly to arrange payment and postage of the eye drop. The eye drop is taken once a day at night.
  4. Reviews at one month, three months and six months in the first year.
  5. At twelve months and each year thereafter there is an annual routine eye examination and then a six month review where we will reassess our measurements.


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