Progressive Lenses

Choose a lens to suit your individual needs

Progressives get their name from the gradual and seamless change in prescription between distance to near powers. There is no sharp line between the two like bifocals have. Traditionally these zones have been between your distance and reading prescriptions, but more recently these prescriptions can be set up to be more computer and intermediate oriented designs as well.

Distance Progressive Lenses

The popularity of progressive lenses has exploded in recent years, making progressives the most widely purchased lenses for correcting that reading difficulty we all experince over 40. Today there are many progressive lens designs to fit virtually all needs.

The lens designs differ mainly in the length and width of the power corridor and how these change in relation different viewing distances. Different areas of the corridor may be expanded, depending on the design philosophy of the manufacturer and the intended purpose of the lens.

Some progressive lenses are made specially for computer use, for example, and have a wider intermediate zone. Other progressive lens designs may have a larger reading portion. Your optometrist is in the best position to evaluate which lens style will work best for you.

Indoor Progressive Lenses

These lenses are optimised to give high quality near and intermediate vision. These zones are more important than distance vision indoors. They are ideal for situations where you are up and about in an office environment, in meetings and also reception roles.

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