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Ultimate Care (60 minutes)

The Ultimate Care Eye test is our most comprehensive eye test that gives a complete clinical picture of your eye health, as well as a thorough vision and binocular vision investigation. If you have specific health concerns or simply want to take your eye health examination to the next level then this is the one for you.

Our intention is to get a comprehensive set of baseline clinical information about your vision and eye health. Good baseline information gives us the ability to detect subtle changes which may otherwise go undetected. This is the ideal eye test for all first time patients to Total Eyecare.

Ultimate Care is also recommended if you:
  • Have a family history of glaucoma or are at risk of developing glaucoma
  • Have macular degeneration (AMD)
  • Have certain medical conditions such as thyroid eye disease or diabetes
  • Take certain medications eg: tamoxifen, plaquenil, high dose steroids
With Ultimate care you get everything in the Classic Care Examination as well as:
  • Neurological Visual Fields
  • High Definition 3D laser Scanning
  • Digital Images
  • Pupil Dilation

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