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Virtual Reality Binocular Vision Training

Vivid Vision is the first Virtual Reality Vision Therapy system created for treatment of binocular vision problems. This ability to combine engaging game play with high level, adaptive visual stimuli provides a powerful platform for testing and treating visual system disorders. Using the latest vision research principles, Vivid Vision is a part of our vision therapy treatment program for Amblyopia (Lazy Eye), Strabismus (Eye Turn), depth perception, suppression and more!

We are thrilled to be the first site in Wellington to offer this treatment option to our patients.

We have been following the potential of technology in vision training for a long time. Vivid Vision uses the Oculus Rift virtual reality platform to provide therapeutic activities which allows us to incorporate fun virtual reality experiences into the vision therapy program that accelerate progress. The activities are designed as games so that they are immersive and exciting. The more fun the games are, the more engaged the patient is and the faster the treatment success.

  • Yes. Free space vision training is be monotonous and boring.
  • The novelty and fun means children (and adults) stay motivated.
  • The virtual reality images are specifically constructed to be selective about the visual information that each eye receives giving us unprecedented control over how the system works.

Vivid Vision Certified Provider



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