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Choose the best eye test for your needs

Not all eye tests are created equal! Sometimes you just need a quick vision check to confirm that your prescription is still correct. At other times you need the added peace of mind of a full eye health examination.

Take a look at the eye tests below and choose the one that best suits your needs right now. And if you’re still not sure, simply contact us and we’ll help you make the right choice.

Classic Care (40 minutes)

Easily the most popular eye test, which includes a thorough check of your eye health and your vision… more.

Ultimate Care (60 minutes)

Our most comprehensive eye test which gives a complete clinical picture of your eye health… more.

Acute Care (20 minutes)

When it’s an emergency or your doctor has referred you to a therapeutically qualified optometrist, we are here to help… more.

Children’s Care

A thorough eye test of your child’s eye health, vision and visual processing skills by our paediatrically accredited optometrists… more.

Free Diabetic Photoscreening (30 minutes)

If you have diabetes, photoscreening is an excellent way to record your retinal health and monitor it for any changes… more.