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Classic Care (40 minutes)

Easily our most popular eye test, with Classic Care we do a thorough check of your eye health and your vision. This test is recommended if you have never been to us before as it gives us a detailed understanding of your individual needs and a baseline from which to measure any changes.

To take the best care of your eyes, you should also have a Classic Care Eye Test done every 2 years. That way we can address any eye health problems before they become more serious and make sure you are seeing as well as you possibly can!  The Classic Care test includes:

  • A full assessment of your vision at all distances
  • A thorough Eye Health Examination
  • A personal eye health strategy based on your risk factors and needs
  • Measurement of your visual prescription and a correction solution to suit your lifestyle

 PLUS you also get

  • A consultation with a qualified optician on the best eyewear solutions, the latest lens technology and frame fashions. It’s important to us that you are 100% happy with your eyewear.
  • Lens design simulations – Take away the guesswork and let us demonstrate the benefits of the suggested lens design for your prescription.
  • A preliminary contact lens assessment and free trial.

The Classic Care eye test takes 40 minutes, but it’s best to allow a bit longer for expert advice on your eyewear.

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