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Children’s Care

Good vision is essential for your child’s reading and learning performance, and for them to reach their full potential in sport and life in general. If you have any concerns at all about your child’s eye sight or development you should have their eyes tested as soon as possible. Delays in addressing their visual problems can sometimes have lifelong consequences. Prescribing glasses when they are not needed, or not prescribing glasses when they are needed, can cause lasting vision problems.

Our children’s examination involves a thorough check of your child’s vision, eyes muscles and binocular coordination to identify any abnormalities.

Testing a child’s vision can be challenging and requires special skills to interpret their responses and assess their behaviour. Very young children may have limited letter recognition and special eye charts are required. Using the appropriate vision charts at the correct test distances for a child’s age and stage of development is critical to arriving at the correct conclusions.

If you or your child have a current Community Services card and your child is 15 years and under, they will be eligible for the Enable Spectacle Subsidy. You can claim upto $287.50 for each child every year, which is used to go towards exam costs and spectacles if your child needs them.

Children's care

The New Zealand Association of Optometrists recommends:

“The child’s first routine eye examination should be scheduled before the end of the first year of life. Where a family history of strabismus, amblyopia, high refractive error, or early vision loss exists, the child should be examined by 6 months of age. When no anomalies are detected the next examination should be scheduled at age 3 years. The sensitivity of the visual system to interruption of normal development (particularly for amblyopia) and the importance of vision in learning and the classroom environment, places early detection of vision problems in the best interests of the well child. The next routine examination should be scheduled as the child enters school, age 4½ to 5½ years and every two years thereafter. Children considered to be at risk for developing eye vision problems may need additional testing or more frequent re-evaluation.”

Our optometrists are very experienced at using a variety of techniques to evaluate your child’s vision and eye health, we can even examine your baby! A full examination ensures you receive the most accurate information and eye care you can trust.

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