Cataracts are opacities that gradually form within the lens in the eye. This cloudiness may reduce contrast; increase glare and eventually causes blur which can’t generally be corrected with spectacles. They may also cause your glasses prescription to change more rapidly than normal in the early stages.

There are a number of causes of cataract, the most common being normal, age related changes, to the lens proteins resulting in hazing and cloudiness.
There are many different types of cataracts and they may be caused by a variety of different causes including:

  • Smoking
  • Steroid and other medications
  • Ultra-violet or excessive infra-red light exposure
  • Eye injury or inflammation

The most commonly occurring type of cataract is that of normal aging. These changes cause clouding in different layers within the lens in your eye. Different types of cataracts cause slightly different symptoms including blur, sensitivity to glare, sun-strike like symptoms, double vision (usually in one eye) and trouble with night vision.

Much can be done to reduce the affect of the cataract by optimally correcting your vision with glasses, but there may well be a stage at which cataract surgery is indicated. This surgery is generally low risk with a very high success rate. Our optometrists will be happy to discuss what will be best for you.

During surgery to remove the cataract the Eye Surgeon inserts a prosthetic lens in place of the cataract so that you can see well afterwards. Modern intra-ocular prosthetic lenses have advanced optics and can be set up to minimise the need for corrective glasses. Many people enjoy much improved focus, brighter colours, better contrast and less glare after cataract surgery.